Thematic Lines

Health & Wellbeing

This thematic line sets the ground on the Global Grand Challenges of the 21st century by promoting a constructive guidance on the lives of individuals and societies, with the translation of conceptual models and research into operative devices and practices. Combining clinical, communal, and societal perspectives, this thematic line also contributes to heightening the economic, social, and environmental dimensions as fundamental pillars of the sustainable development strategy. 

To maximize these concepts, effective integrated approaches and interventions, addressing major health challenges are conducted through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research approaches by a team with a background in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Entrepreneurship & Business Development. Distinct LAQV research groups put their efforts on creating strategic frameworks that, by embracing Sustainable & Green Chemistry design principles, interdependently create supportive environments for health, through a sustainable and flexible path. 

Health & Wellbeing shares a common vision of Entrepreneurship & Business Development. Valued breakthroughs are aligned with existing and future societal demands and needs. In this scenario, the ultimate goal is scientific knowledge transfer and technological valorisation to generate beneficial and scalable outcomes and solutions. For that purpose, this thematic line is focused on four major areas.