Materials for Sustainability and Wellness

The group aims at contributing towards the 21st Century Grand Global Challenges: i) Bioeconomy; ii) Secure, clean, and efficient energy; iii) Climate action, environment, resource efficiency, and raw materials; and iv) Health and wellbeing, through a strong emphasis on innovation and knowledge valorization and by bringing together a multidisciplinary team with a background in Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, and Entrepreneurship & Business Development.

In this context, the overall purpose of the group is the development and production of advanced multifunctional (nano)materials using sustainable methodologies for core scientific areas: i) Catalysis for a Sustainable Environment, ii) Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation, iii) Environmental Protection and Remediation, and iv) Drug Delivery and Tissue Regeneration, with complementary research work on v) Theoretical and Computational Modelling and on vi) Wearable Technologies and Devices.