Research groups

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary field that integrates physical, chemical, and biological sciences to study how the environment may affect human life and provide solutions to current environmental predicaments.

The major research topics include mineral and organic pollutants and xenobiotics in water, soil, sediment, air, organisms, and food, their impact on the environmental quality, human health, and food safety; and their origin, fate, biodegradation, and transport in the environment. The group also works in environmental toxicology, microbiology, chemistry, engineering and hazard/risk assessment; control and remediation of soil; monitoring and treatment of water and municipal and industrial solid wastes, as well as toxic and hazardous substances. In addition, Environmental Science encompasses analytical chemistry, with the development of screening methods and/or the improvement of the existing methods for the analysis of the above-mentioned contaminants based on the principles of Green Chemistry, and environmental and economic sustainability.