Research groups

Nanoplatforms for Life

The Nanoplatforms group conveys the expertise in physical-chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical, and analytical sciences to develop innovative nanoplatforms for environmental, food industry, and biomedical challenges. The group is focused on the design, synthesis, and optimization of inorganic, organic, and hybrid nanoparticles for multipurpose applications, such as the development of plasmonic, electrochemical, and fluorescent (bio)sensors and their incorporation in miniaturized detection devices to enhance analytical automation.

Another value-added application is the development of more efficient, targeted, spatially, and temporally controlled delivery systems to carry multiple molecules. Nanoplatforms are also used as biomimetic models to study the complex interactions of drugs, bioactive compounds, and/or nanoparticles with lipid cell membranes. Liposomes, cyclodextrins, micelleplexes, lipid, polymeric, magnetic, and gold nanoparticles are studied for application in Nanomedicine, Biomedical Engineering, Biosensing, Functional Foods, and Industrial Production.