Technical resources

Computer cluster

The current configuration of the computational system has a total of 1568 CPU cores and little more than 83k GPU cores, spread across a platform with ultrafast infiniband network and 10 Gbit/s links between master and slave nodes. Having more than 300 TB in total storage space, 3248 GB in memory available and a total of 59270 kWh for the all year energy consumption, this system had an average occupancy rate above 112% in the last year, minimum and maximum “wait time” around 1.45 h and 8.76 days respectively and accumulated total offline time of 11 days for the slave nodes and 4 h for the master nodes. Users have access to the master nodes only, from there, they can submit whatever calculation they need for their work to the slave nodes using the queuing system implemented in the cluster. This system will select, from the several types of slave nodes, the ones suitable for the submitted job according to the demand of resources of the job, the availability of the slave nodes and the user total usage. No reservation is active, all online slave nodes are available for all the users and the priority is set by the following rule 0.1 (FIFO) + 0.5 (academic degree) + 0.4 (least usage/user usage).



Master nodes

  • Intel Server Xeon E5620 8 cores; 16 GB RAM; 6TB HDD RAID; Dual Infiniband FDR 56Gbit/s; Quad 10Gbit/s Ethernet
  • Supermicro Storage Xeon E5-2609v2 4 cores; 16GB RAM; 72TB HDD RAID; 3TB SSD RAID; Dual Infiniband FDR 56Gbit/s; Quad 10Gbit/s Ethernet
  • Tyan Storage Xeon E5405 2 cores; 4GB RAM; 26TB HDD RAID - Supermicro Storage Xeon E5335 4 cores; 6GB RAM; 12TB HDD RAID


  • 3x Dell Powerswitch 48p 1Gbit/s; 2p 10Gbit/s v 2x SMC 8748L2 50p 1Gbit/s
  • 2x EdgeCore ECS4610-50T 48p 1Gbit/s; 128Gbit/s stacking
  • 3Com 3824 24p 1Gbit/s - Voltaire 36p Infiniband QDR 40Gbit/s

Slave nodes

  • 36x Supermicro Server Xeon E5420 8 cores; 8GB RAM; 1TB HDD RAID
  • 10x Tyan server Xeon E5430 8 cores; 8GB RAM; 1TB HDD RAID
  • 24x Intel Server Xeon E5620 8cores; 8GB RAM; 1TB HDD RAID; Infiniband QDR 40Gbit/s
  • 4x Supermicro Server Xeon E5645 12 cores; 32GB RAM; 1TB v 28x Intel Server Xeon E5-2609 8cores; 8GB RAM; 1TB HDD RAID
  • 28x Supermicro Server Xeon E5-2640 12 cores; 32GB RAM; 1TB
  • 4x Supermicro Server Xeon E5-2630v2 12 cores; 32GB RAM; 1TB
  • 8x Supermicro Server Xeon E5-2620v3 12 cores; 32GB RAM; 1TB
  • 8x Supermicro Server Xeon E5-2650 16 cores; 64GB RAM; 2TB HDD RAID; 256GB SSD; 3x NVIDIA Tesla K20
  • 4x Supermicro Server Xeon E5-2630v3 16 cores; 64GB RAM; 256GB SSD; 2x NVIDIA Tesla K40
  • 4x Supermicro Server Xeon E5-2640v3 16 cores; 128GB RAM; 8TB HDD RAID; 512GB SSD


  • APC Symmetra 160K UPS - 64KVA Installed


  • 2x YORK 20kW Chillers
  • 2x APC InRow RD20
  • CLIVET 14kW - Mitsubishi PUHZ140