(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Maria Manuel Martinho Sequeira Barata Marques

(+351) 212949647
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Research group
Molecular Synthesis

Academic Staff

Her research encompasses the development of new synthetic and sustainable methodologies involving metal-catalyzed reactions towards bioactive compounds, in particular heterocyclic molecules, and the development of new synthetic strategies to prepare glycopeptides in order to understand biological systems.

2018 - Assistant Professor (FCT-UNL)

2016 - Habilitation in Chemistry, organic chemistry (UNL)

2004 -2018 - Invited Assistant Professor (FCT-UNL)

2003 -2018 - Researcher at LAQV-Requimte (FCT-UNL)

2001 - 2003 - Post-doc fellow at Prof Mulzer Group - Institüt für Organische Chemie (Austria)

2001 - PhD in organic chemistry

1995 - Diploma in Applied Chemistry

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