(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Maria Madalena Costa Sobral


Research group
Food Quality and Technology

PhD student

Madalena holds both BSc and MSc degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Aveiro (UA). In 2020, she completed her PhD in Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Porto (FFUP) (jointly programme with UA and Nova Lisbon).
Her main research interests are in the field of food contaminants focusing on humans exposure through oral route, since the evaluation of the culinary practices on their stability and in vitro digestion to interactions of xenobiotics (e.g. mycotoxins) concerning their in vitro uptake/efflux transport and combined toxicity.
Actually, she has 10 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 1 book chapter, 1 proceeding paper, more than 16 communications and holds a H-index of 5.

Representative Publications

Clay-Graphene Nanoplatelets Functional Conducting Composites
Astringency quantification in wine: Comparison of the electronic tongue and FT-MIR spectroscopy
Conditions for producing long shelf life fruit salads processed using mild pasteurization
Toxicological interactions between mycotoxins from ubiquitous fungi: Impact on hepatic and intestinal human epithelial cells
Domestic Cooking of Muscle Foods: Impact on Composition of Nutrients and Contaminants
Influence of oven and microwave cooking with the addition of herbs on the exposure to multi-mycotoxins from chicken breast muscle
Transport of mycotoxins across human gastric NCI-N87 and intestinal Caco-2 cell models
Stability of antibacterial and coccidiostat drugs on chicken meat burgers upon cooking and in vitro digestion
Influence of culinary practices on protein and lipid oxidation of chicken meat burgers during cooking and in vitro gastrointestinal digestion