Thematic Lines

Functional Materials

The design and fabrication of new advanced Functional Materials is a vital area of LAQV, aiming to address the 21st Century Grand Challenges. LAQV is strongly committed to develop new high-performance functional and smart (nano)(bio)materials through eco-sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable processes. The main goal is to boost innovation in biomedical, catalytic, environmental, energy, and textile applications. This is grounded on a strong cooperation between several LAQV Research Groups with expertise in Chemical Synthesis and Multifunctional and Responsive (Nano)Materials.

LAQV is focused on knowledge transfer/technological valorisation in collaboration with industry, with the goal of contributing to innovative products and technologies to benefit society. Examples include the electrochromic display technology developed by LAQV & Ynvisible and the startup WEStoreOnTEX, whose value was recognized with several awards.