Omics and Analytical Development

The Omics &Analytical Developments group is a merge group from the two previous Bio(chemistry)&Omics and Analytical Developments, comprising researchers with expertise in synthesis, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, analysis, biochemistry and material science. Collaborating with universities, hospitals, and industries, the group aims to gain insights into complex biological systems through multidisciplinary approaches.

We excel in synthesizing nanoparticles for biomedical, optoelectronic, analytical and enviromental applications, conducting large-scale biomolecule identification, and analyzing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Our MS spectrometry facilities supporting lipidomics, proteomics, metabolomics and genomics research, particularly focusing on diseases and environmental stress adaptations as well as the exploration of naturally occurring molecules, including marine environments. Our research extends to personalized cancer treatment, biomarker discovery using bioinformatics and AI, and eco-friendly antibacterial nanomaterials. We seek to elucidate bio and genetic mechanisms, develop bioreactors for H2 production and bioremediation nitrogen derivatives and CO, and study mammalian enzymes in signalling pathways, and employ additive bulding for analytical device fabrication. We pioneer novel sample treatments and total analysis systems, enabling streamlined and efficient workflows. Using multidimensional analysis, we employ light or mass spectroscopy to decode complex data into actionable analytical insights.