(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Zita Emanuela de Sá Veloso Martins


Research group
Food Quality and Technology


Researcher IDM-8671-2019
Ciência ID7918-53CF-FA02
Holds a degreed on Nutritional Sciences (October 2006) from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science and a bachelor on Astronomy (September 2014) from the Faculty of Sciences, both from the University of Porto. Completed her PhD on Sustainable Chemistry (July 2017).
Her major research interests have focused on: (i) nutrients recovery from agroindustry by-products to obtain healthy food ingredients; (ii) sensory analysis; (iii) development of mathematical modelling tools for Chemometrics and Sensometrics.
She has 17 publications Indexed International Journal in Food Science & Technology and Environment (H-Index 3), 11 oral presentations and 11 posters in National and International Conferences, and 1 Manual.

Representative Publications

Food industry by-products used as functional ingredients of bakery products
Fibre fortification of wheat bread: impact on mineral composition and bioaccessibility
Effect of spent yeast fortification on physical parameters, volatiles and sensorial characteristics of home-made bread
Prediction of fruity-citrus intensity of beers dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria based on the content of selected volatile compounds