(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Caterina Machado Villa


Research group
Food Quality and Technology

PhD student

Researcher IDAAJ-5690-2020
Ciência IDC01A-BF0A-7C42
Bachelor degree in Applied Biology (University of Minho), master degree in Quality Control (FFUP) and doctoral degree in Sustainable Chemistry (FCUP). Since 2013, C. Villa has been working on food research field, namely food authentication, GMO and food allergens. Her principal focus is the study of structural properties of food allergens as affected by food processing and the development of DNA-based methods for their detection in foods. Presently she is researcher at FFUP as member of REQUIMTE-LAQV/FFUP. C. Villa has several publications in international peer-reviewed journals (19), book chapters (4), communications in international conferences (35), awards (5) and participation in national/international projects(6). H-index: 10.

Representative Publications

Bovine Milk Allergens: A Comprehensive Review
Effect of food matrix and thermal processing on the performance of a normalised quantitative real-time PCR approach for lupine ( Lupinus albus ) detection as a potential allergenic food
Immunoreactivity of Lupine and Soybean Allergens in Foods as Affected by Thermal Processing
Cow's milk allergens: Screening gene markers for the detection of milk ingredients in complex meat products
Detection and quantification of milk ingredients as hidden allergens in meat products by a novel specific real-time PCR method
Lupine allergens: Clinical relevance, molecular characterization, cross‐reactivity, and detection strategies
beta-Lactoglobulin versus casein indirect ELISA for the detection of cow's milk allergens in raw and processed model meat products