(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Paula Andrade

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Chemistry and Bioactivity

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Researcher IDA-5900-2008
Ciência ID5318-7A94-7FC0
Paula B. Andrade is Full Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto. She is Integrated Member of Associated Laboratory REQUIMTE/LAQV. Her research has been focused on the development and application of chemical and instrumental methods to study natural matrices, and on the chemical and pharmacological characterization of natural and hemi-synthetic bioactive compounds in a context of drug discovery, for cancer, diabetes, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Her expertise is evidenced in more than 30 book chapters and more than 360 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals (h-index = 60).

Representative Publications

In vitro multimodal-effect of Trichilia catigua A. Juss. (Meliaceae) bark aqueous extract in CNS targets
Profiling phlorotannins from Fucus spp. of the Northern Portuguese coastline: Chemical approach by HPLC-DAD-ESI/MSn and UPLC-ESI-QTOF/MS
Edible seaweeds’ phlorotannins in allergy: A natural multi-target approach
In vitro multifunctionality of phlorotannin extracts from edible Fucus species on targets underpinning neurodegeneration.
Echium plantagineum L. honey: Search of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and polyphenols, anti-inflammatory potential and cytotoxicity