(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Marcela Alves Segundo

+351 220428676

Research group
Analytical Development

Academic Staff

Researcher IDA-1009-2010
Ciência ID0A14-B7A6-E805
Marcela Segundo is an expert in Instrumental Methods of Analysis and Analytical Chemistry, holding a PhD in Biotechnology with specialisation in Chemistry. Her current research is focused on automation of sample treatment prior to chromatographic analysis, and on development of high-throughput microchemical methods.
Her scientific production comprises 14 book chapters, 145 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, with over 3200 citations (h-index is 31). She has supervised 11 PhD thesis and is currently supervisor of 6 PhD students. In 2016 she received the FIA Award for Science attributed by the Japanese Association for Flow Injection Analysis. Since 2018, she is the Secretary of Division of Analytical Chemistry – EuChemS.

Representative Publications

Dynamic flow-through approach to evaluate readily bioaccessible antioxidants in solid food samples
Gas-phase structural characterization of neuropeptides Y Y1 receptor antagonists using mass spectrometry: Orbitrap vs triple quadrupole
Determination of tranexamic acid in human plasma by UHPLC coupled with tandem mass spectrometry targeting sub-microgram per milliliter levels
Assessment of immunoglobulin capture in immobilized protein A through automatic bead injection
Automated lab-on-valve sequential injection ELISA for determination of carbamazepine