(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Salette Reis

+351 220428672

Research group
Nanoplatforms for Life

Academic Staff

Researcher IDA-9613-2013
Ciência ID8711-9CCC-B3BA
Salette Reis (SR) research activities are focused on the study of the complex interplay of drugs with lipid membranes. In this field, SR is interested on the study of membrane biophysical changes related with the mechanism of action and toxicity of drugs and on the study of the effect of drugs in the activity of membrane enzymes involved in inflammation. SR research activities also include the development of “smart“ drug delivery systems. Additionally, the development of nanostructures loading bioactive compounds to be used as nutraceuticals represents an ongoing work. The research in these areas is based in a “quality by design” standpoint and include the synthesis, characterization and in vitro assessment of its efficacy.