(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Carla S. Silva Teixeira


Research group
High Performance Computing in Molecular Modelling


Carla S. Silva Teixeira holds a PhD in Chemistry, in the speciality of Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Modelling, from the Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Engineer of the University of Porto (2021), following an M.Sc. (2010) and B.Sc in Biochemistry (2008) from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.
Her PhD project was developed at BioSIM @REQUIMTE and involved the use of QM/MM methods to study the catalytic mechanism of multifunctional enzymes that are potential targets against tuberculosis. Moreover, she also studied the catalytic mechanism of a catalytic triad that is characteristic of some particular nitrilases.
She is a researcher at REQUIMTE LAQV/FFUP with research activities in food quality and technology.

She has several publications in international peer-reviewed journals (15), book chapters (2), conference papers (3), poster/oral communications in international conferences (20) and a H-index of 6.

Representative Publications

The effect of adding an N-terminal tryptophan on the antibacterial action of the cecropin-melittin inspired antimicrobial peptide BP100