(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Fátima Mirante


Research group
Materials for Sustainability and Wellness


Mirante has PhD in Science and Environmental Engineering in 2013 at University of Aveiro. She started her PhD work in REQUIMTE-LAQV at FCUP in the area of Material Science and Catalytic processes, developing novel heterogeneous catalysts (based in POMs as active centers and using porous MOFs and/or mesoporous silicas as support materials) to be applied in oxidative desulfurization systems in the treatment of samples of real fuels. Actually, Mirante has 29 publications in international scientific journals, these publications originated a total of 1059 citations and a h-index of 18. Mirante has a straight collaboration with Galp industry that has been crucial for the progress of her career in the area of desulfurization of road fuels.