(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Maria de La Salete da Silva Balula

+351 220402576

Research group
Materials for Sustainability and Wellness


Researcher IDB-7508-2012
Ciência IDE71B-9980-14F5
Salete graduated in Technological Chemistry at Univ of Lisbon in 1997 and completed the PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at Univ. of Aveiro in 2004. Salete worked for approximately two years in international research groups: Emory Univ, USA, and De Montfort Univ, UK, learning innovative methodologies to prepare oxomettalic compounds. After the PhD, she started the postdoctoral work in oxometal complexes: synthesis and catalytic applications, in the Univ. of York, UK, and in CICECO. During this time, she developed her expertise in Material Science and Catalysis. From 2009 she is a researcher in LAQV-REQUIMTE working in oxidative catalysis. She published 95 papers in international journals (h-index = 29, 2291 citations) and 53 as senior author.

Representative Publications

Desulfurization process conciliating heterogeneous oxidation and liquid extraction: Organic solvent or centrifugation/water?
Catalytic oxidative/extractive desulfurization of model and untreated diesel using hybrid based zinc-substituted polyoxometalates
Influence of a porous MOF support on the catalytic performance of Eu-polyoxometalate based materials: desulfurization of a model diesel
Efficient eco-sustainable ionic liquid-polyoxometalate desulfurization processes for model and real diesel