(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

José Fernandes


Research group
Food Quality and Technology

Academic Staff

Researcher IDD-6704-2013
Ciência ID1A1A-7B2E-ED9F
Graduation in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Ph.D. in Nutrition and Food Chemistry, by FFUP. He teaches in the area of water and food chemistry, at FFUP and FCNAUP.
He was Vice Dean of the FFUP in 2010-2015. Currently he is Head of the Lab. Food Science and Hydrology (from 2010), and Member of the Scientific Council (from 2016).
Its researche activity is dedicated to the development of chromatographic methods for food contaminants monitoring. He has been involved in 24 National and European research projects with external financing, He is/was supervisor or co-supervisor of 5 PhD Students, 10 Master students, and 1 pos-Doc Student.
He has authored 7 chapters of scientific books, and 82 scientific papers with a H Index of 32.