(Chemical) Bonding is what makes life possible

Ana V. M. Nunes


Research group
Bio(chemical) Process Engineering


Researcher IDD-2045-2013
Ciência ID0D1C-43A1-8AE4
Ana Nunes is an Assistant Researcher at LAQV-REQUIMTE. She graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2002 and obtained her PhD in Chemical Reaction Engineering in 2008 by FCT-UNL. During her PhD, she worked in the field of Green Chemistry (Extraction/Reaction processes) . She is the co-founder of a technology-based startup, Zeyton Nutraceuticals, that uses a green process for the recovery of hydroxytyrosol from olive oil by-products. Since 2011 she embraced a new challenge in a strategic field of research for the chemical industry which is the utilization of CO2 as an alternative C1 building block. Her current research topic focus on the development of sustainable processes for the production of valuable products from CO2.

Representative Publications

Cyclic carbonate synthesis from CO2 and epoxides using zinc(II) complexes of arylhydrazones of beta-diketones
Styrene carbonate synthesis from CO2 using tetrabutylammonium bromide as a non-supported heterogeneous catalyst phase
CO2 + ionic liquid biphasic system for reaction/product separation in the synthesis of cyclic carbonates
Carbon dioxide utilization-Electrochemical reduction to fuels and synthesis of polycarbonates