LAQV WEBINAR | 20th March: Nanoplatforms for Life at 12:00 p.m

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LAQV webinars aim to promote scientific discussion and interaction among researchers.


In March, the LAQV Webinars are organized by the Nanoplatforms for Life research group, coordinated by Salette Reis.

Chaired by Mariana Ferreira - Nanoplatforms for Life Research Group


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Maria Enea, Researcher (20 min + 3-5 min Q&A) 

Gold nanoparticles as biosensors for DNA detection.


Abstract here 


Fábio M. S. Costa, Ph.D. student (10-12 min + 3-5 min Q&A) 

Fluoroquinolone-based GUMBOS: synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and biological profile evaluation.


Abstract here