LAQV WEBINAR | 10th May: Food Quality and Technology  at 12:00 p.m

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LAQV webinars aim to promote scientific discussion and interaction among researchers. In May, the LAQV Webinars are organized by tthe Food Quality and Technology, coordinated by Victor Freitas

10th May: Food Quality and Technology at 12:00 p.m

 Chaired by Isabel FerreiraFood Quality and Technology Research Group


Miguel A. Faria, Investigador Doutorado (20 min + 3-5 min Q&A)


Assessment of Human Health Risks from Combined Exposure to Food Contaminants: Insights from in vitro Studies

Abstract here


Marta Silva, Estudante de Doutoramento (10-12 min + 3-5 min Q&A)


UV-C radiation affects the phytochemicals fingerprint of red mustard microgreens grown in a vertical farming system

 Abstract here


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