LAQV WEBINAR | 26th April: Materials for Sustainability and Wellness at 12:00 p.m

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LAQV webinars aim to promote scientific discussion and interaction among researchers.

In April, the LAQV Webinars are organized by the Materials for Sustainability and Wellness research group, coordinated by Ana Aguiar-Ricardo.

Chaired by Ana Aguiar-Ricardo - Materials for Sustainability and Wellness Research Group


Inês Matos, Investigador Doutorado (20 min + 3-5 min Q&A)

Porous carbon: efficient and sustainable material for catalysis and adsorption. Green chemistry approach for the circular economy.

Abstract here


Rui Faria, Estudante de Doutoramento (10-12 min + 3-5 min Q&A)

From Bulk Catalysts to Membranes: Designing a New Route to Achieve Sustainable Fuel Desulfurization.

Abstract here


Renata Matos, Estudante de Doutoramento (10-12 min + 3-5 min Q&A)

High Performance Biochar-based Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction.

Abstract here


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