13th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids

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The 13th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids (ISSF2022) took place on May 15-18. This conference brings together the world's leading experts in supercritical fluids, an area in which Portugal has long established itself as a country at the forefront of research in this area. This conference, which took place in Montreal, Canada, had around 142 participants.

This year, the organization proposed a challenge to master and/or doctoral students, the “3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition”. The aim was to present the scope of their
research in the area of ​​Supercritical Fluid Technology and show its importance to a non-specialist audience, challenging their ability to communicate and present complex aspects of their research to a general audience in an engaging way, using just one slide in 3 minutes. The participation of FCT NOVA was extremely positive and the 2nd year doctoral student of the Doctoral Program in Sustainable Chemistry (PDQS) Ana Furtado won this competition. Ana is developing her PhD in close collaboration with FCT NOVA /IST-UL, supervised by Dr. Raquel Viveiros (NOVA-IST), Prof. Dr. Vasco Bonifácio (IST-UL) and Prof. Dr. Teresa Casimiro (NOVA-ST), within the scope of the synthesis of multifunctional materials of high affinity for applications in the bioindustry, produced using environmentally friendly technologies such as supercritical CO2 and mechanochemistry.

FCT NOVA's participation in this conference brought the award for Best Oral Communication to the 4th year student at PDQS, Clarinda Costa. The work entitled “Supercritical CO 2 applied on the production of liposomal dry powder formulations towards the lung inflammation treatment” showed how liposomal formulations for inhalation capable of transporting both hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules can be produced. The innovative drying process allows maintaining the structure and encapsulation efficiency of nano drug delivery systems and producing powders with aerodynamic properties suitable for inhalation and stable even without the use of controlled packaging. Clarinda Costa's doctoral work is part of a broader project to develop sustainable therapeutic platforms for pulmonary administration and is coordinated by Prof. Ana Aguiar-Ricardo (FCT-UNL) in close collaboration with Dr. Maria Luisa Corvo (FFUL).




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