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Francisca Rodrigues, researcher from GRAQ - LAQV was recently interviwed by a renowned magazine on the cosmetics research area, about the latest findings of her work on Kiwi berry leaves.


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“Kiwiberry is rich in phytochemicals that contribute to its skin anti-aging effects, namely polyphenols, where it could be found flavan-3-ols, representing the major class presented, flavonols, phenolic acids and flavonoids,” Francisca Rodrigues, Ph.D. at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, tells PersonalCareInsights

“The anti-inflammatory activity of the extracts has also been demonstrated, allowing for a possible anti-acne application. We are now developing and validating new anti-aging products soon to be tested in-vivo.”

The results of testing hydroalcoholic kiwi berry leaf extract were “an excellent cosmetic ingredient, not irritant to skin application.”