Continuous Training Course “Medicinal Plants – Challenges and Opportunities” 

The Outcomes

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The Continuous Training Course organized by FFUP/REQUIMTE attracts students and professionals from various domains and stands out in the academic offer.

In its 2nd edition, which took place between the 12th and 16th of July, the Continuous Training Course “Medicinal Plants – Challenges and Opportunities” once again attracts the interest of the academic community, but also from several professionals, including those from healthcare sector.

The combination of a theoretical program (online), with hands-on laboratory sessions, allowed the participants to acquire transversal skills in the scientific domains of Botany, Pharmacology, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology.

The conceptualization of the course, coordinated by Professor Dr. Paula Andrade - professor and head of the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto and coordinator of the research group Natural Products – _Chemistry and Bioactivity at LAQV/REQUIMTE, was once again praised by the participants, as it enabled the acquisition of research tools with adequate translation from the lab bench to the business/industrial sector, as well as for allowing to deepen the knowledge on the therapeutic potential of plants and their relevance in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic sectors.