LAQV Summer Schools -"Verão com Ciência"

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The Summer Schools at LAQV under the scope of Verão com Ciência have finished after a 3-month intensive period. Funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology – FCT, LAQV hosted 26 graduated, master, and even pre-doctoral students, integrated within the initiative of promoting exclusively presential classes at Summer Schools. The students participated in Research & Innovation projects to expand their skills in science, communication, critical analysis, critical thinking, and teamwork.  


The “Escola de Verão LAQV-NOVA – Iniciação à Investigação em Química” at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the NOVA University of Lisbon covered 15 multidisciplinary topics, including probes, bio- and quimiosensors, nanoparticles, proteomics, ionic liquids, co-enzymes, and waste recovery.

At the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, LAQV received 11 students within the project “Hands-on-nano: Escola de Verão com técnicas de caracterização de materiais nanoestruturados”. The students were integrated into research projects hosted by LAQV with the objective of learning different techniques to study the morphology and behaviour of nanomateriais.

Researchers from the “(Bio)Chemistry & Omics”, “Cultural Heritage and Responsive Materials”, “Materials for Sustainability and Wellness”, “Molecular Synthesis”, and “Nanoplatforms” Research Groups were involved in the supervision of the students.

The Verão com Ciência constitutes a special support to “Summer Schools” in Polytechnics and Universities launched in the summer of 2020 to support classroom activities, associated with the Economic and Social Stabilization Program, in response to the pandemic of COVID-19.