Marcela Segundo, a Female role model in Analytical Chemistry

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“With their creativity, dedication, and enthusiasm, they pave the way for the new generations of scientists working in this largely interdisciplinary field.” – It is with this argument that the Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry journal, published by Springer Nature®, selected the most outstanding Female role models in Analytical Chemistry. Among 20 different nationalities, Portugal stood up with the name of Marcela Segundo, Coordinator of the Analytical Development research group of LAQV and Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto.

Marcela Segundo has a successful path in Analytical Chemistry, in which, in her own words, “curiosity is definitely a driven factor”. Inspired by the creativity that is inherent to scientific discoveries, Marcela Segundo combines innovation with precision and rigor, which are crucial in Analytical Chemistry. “This apparent dichotomy is challenging and requires constant balance, keeping monotony away from my work.” – says Marcela Segundo, giving the key to an internationally recognized career in the field. In 2016, she was awarded by the Japanese Association for Flow Injection Analysis with the FIA Award for Science, in recognition of her scientific contribution in the field of automation of sample treatment and evaluation of antioxidant capacity. Since 2018, Marcela Segundo is also the Secretary of the Division of Analytical Chemistry – EuChemS.

About women in science, Marcela Segundo has no doubt that “Every year that passes brings more opportunities, including awards and grants for women researchers. There is a general acknowledgment that gender balance in science must still be pursued, particularly when career progression is considered. This is in fact one consequence of the hardest challenge for women in science: how to achieve life-work balance, how to be a mom in a job that requires so much focus and dedication?”. Still, it is possible and Marcela Segundo, a successful woman in science who is also a mom, advises the young women interested in science:

“Be resilient, enjoy your life out of work, and stay focused because good science is a marathon, not a sprint!”.

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