Caparica Conference | Chromogenic and Emissive Materials

9 - 12th November 2020

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The 4th International Caparica Conference on Chromogenic and Emissive Materials (4th IC3EM-2020) will take place from November 9th to 12th 2020 at the Aldeia Capuchos, Golf & Spa.

Symposium subjects:

  • Fluorescence and Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy Applications: From Optical to Electronical
  • Cell and Tissue Imaging
  • Emissive Probes, Chemosensors and Labels
  • Fluorescence in Biology/Medicine/Biochemistry
  • Fluorescence in High Throughput Screening Assays
  • Colour as analytical tool
  • Chromogenic Compounds for analysis
  • Emissive Liquids Crystals and Polymers
  • Luminescent Peptides and Proteins
  • Single Molecule Spectroscopy


Oral and Shotgun presentations are now closed. Poster slots are still available, and the deadline to submit the abstract was postponed to 30th of September. The poster of the conference is available, and you can find here more information about the conference.