Science Management & Communication Office

The Science Management & Communication Office of LAQV is fully integrated into the mission of LAQV, which is to initiate, advance, and promote the principles of Sustainable Chemistry. More specifically, we:

  • promote the sharing of SusChem core values and practices among LAQV research groups and over the borders of LAQV to include other stakeholders;
  • improve the awareness of society for the impact of SusChem in the wellbeing and life quality of the public.

For that purpose, we are strongly committed in supporting researchers in three different areas:

Science dissemination, communication, and outreaching activities: LAQV is driven by the quest for research excellence that impacts the quality of life of the society. This office aims to establish the bridge between the researchers and the society through the website of LAQV, social media and outreach activities, including school visits, open days, among others. The engagement of the society promotes a more creative research and innovation process, exploring sharing and co-creation of ideas.

Grants and awards applications: We support researchers to attract competitive research funding, with particular emphasis on international applications. We identify and provide information on funding programmes and we map opening and forthcoming calls, which are available in a Funding Opportunity online database (myLAQV). Furthermore, we liaise with funding agencies and support researchers in the preparation and submission of applications to competitive funding calls.

IT support: It provides automation tools that facilitate and speed up management processes. We are developing a responsive web-based application for the management of data relevant to the Research Units. Researchers will have easy (and secure) access to their personal, institutional and scientific productivity data. This platform will also provide managers with tools to extract statistics and key performance indicators.